Delivering Net-New Intelligence

At Night Market, we believe that eCommerce success is founded upon connected data and omnichannel benchmarks, trends and insights that give you a complete picture of your program performance, not siloed data and reporting controlled by eCommerce vendors and agencies.

By connecting shopping data with performance media data, we identify patterns of consumer behavior across the full mix of media and eCommerce channels in order to provide brands with actionable full-funnel insights to drive desired business outcomes… at scale, dynamically, and in real-time or near real-time.

Our Technology & Data Approach

Connected Data

The power of our platform lies in a combination of machine-learning, connected services and access to billions of dollars in North American media performance data. Enriched with eCommerce behavioral and sales data, it produces robust insights into factors that drive revenue across channels and stages of the customer journey.  That capability allows us to “scale walled gardens” and provide holistic data to provide your business with optimizations built around revenue generation, not just clicks or conversions. 


Revenue Optimization Engine

Through a combination of systems integration, machine learning, predictive analytics and automation, we can identify and act on patterns of user behavior across marketplaces in order to provide brands and agency teams with revenue-driving optimization insights, both automatically for campaign optimization or ad hoc for planning purposes or both.


Always On

Driven by AI that is unrestricted by daylight hours, we learn when others are asleep. We make data collection, analysis and activation core to what we do, non-stop processes running 24/7 just like your media and eCommerce programs and fueling programmatic media decisioning and automated merchandising and personalization at every opportunity.

Artificial + Human Intelligence

Our specialized team has the right mix of expertise to extract and act on data-driven insights for the optimization both of eCommerce media and merchandising, tailored to your business goals and needs. From media, through content and creative, to product selection and merchandising, we are fully focused on generating more eCommerce revenue for your brand.




Omnichannel eCommerce Optimizataion