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Today we’re launching our latest content feature: a blog that brings unique perspective in the commerce space. Night Market was born of a vision to holistically harness what had previously been siloed data sets — marketing and commerce — to power the pervasive store. The store that is everywhere the customer is living, looking, and buying. This innovation transforms the office of the CMO from a cost center to a revenue driver, with marketing as the connective thread between brand and demand. We’ve built upon the approach with proprietary AI-based technology and connected commerce strategy to optimize our clients’ marketing investments at an unprecedented level.

As commerce leaders, we’re sharing what we know and encouraging progress that drives toward our vision.

Content We Think Is Worth Reading

In this content hub we’ll be posting the latest on all things Commerce Strategy, Digital Transformation, Owned Experience, Retail Media, Marketplaces, Creative, and more.

Check back for more updates soon, and we hope you follow along!