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Who We Are

Night Market is a data and tech company running commerce marketing services on top. Part of the Horizon Media network, NM thrives on an ideas-first culture that draws from diverse talent across a range of disciplines.

eCommerce Consultancy
eCommerce Consultancy

Our Mission

We exist to help brands discover key points in their path to purchase for optimization, expansion and innovation  – and then determine where to invest the next dollar for increased commerce conversion and marketing efficiency.

What We Do

Using data and technology, we help our clients drive unique customer journeys with full-service capabilities to plan, activate, and iterate.

Retail Media

Enable discovery and boost sales performance across 3rd party channels such as Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, and other major retailers

eCommerce Merchandising

Optimize product merchandising to improve organic search and purchase conversion


Deliver experiences through owned channels that engage and convert

Shoppable Media

Creating an integrated shoppable experience that builds your brand while growing Ecommerce sales

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